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Ship design & marine engineering


We are a newly established naval architecture firm, founded in December 2022 with the goal of providing reliable, innovative and cost-effective design solutions for the maritime industry.
Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced naval architects and engineers who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to our clients.

Our mission is to deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable vessels that meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.
We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and incorporating the latest advancements into our designs to ensure the longevity and efficiency of our clients' investments.

Key features of our company


Our goal is to provide the best design solutions to our costumers.


Innovative, reliable and cost-effective design solutions.


Support during the whole ship lifecycle, from idea through design, construction and explotation to decomissioning.


NORTES BLUE offers a wide variety of naval architecture and marine engineering services. Our comprehensive range of services includes the design, engineering, and analysis of both new and existing vessels. This involves considerations such as the vessel's hull design, structural configurations, machinery, outfitting, electric systems, interior/exterior design and layout arrangements.

The services we offer span from the initial conceptualization through to detailed design, testing, and operational phases. Our expertise draws from practical experience gained from working with various vessels and shipyards. We create systems that conform to the requirements of ship owners and regulatory requirements, simplifying the shipbuilding process, operation, and maintenance. Whether it's cutting-edge new technologies or established industry standards, we are qualified to recommend the most appropriate solutions for our clients.


The cornerstone of ship design is a thorough feasibility study. This study involves assessing the practicality, budget constraints, regulatory compliance, and technical feasibility of the project. By evaluating these critical factors, we provide our clients with a clear understanding of what can be achieved within defined parameters.


The purpose of the outline project stage is to refine the vessel concept to a level where shipyards can provide accurate cost estimates. This phase places a strong emphasis on developing technical specifications, design drawings and calculations, including an interactive 3D model, to enable accurate pricing. Designing a well-defined project is paramount for maintaining consistency in shipyard quotations, leading to cost-effective solutions, especially for prototype vessels. This approach ensures that all shipyards operate on a standardized foundation, providing the owner with comparable proposals and delivering the desired design at a reasonable cost.


The design contract phase plays a critical role in the shipbuilding process. NORTES BLUE offers essential technical guidance during the evaluation of shipyard proposals. Our main objectives are to enhance the design proposal, assist in technical and commercial negotiations, and facilitate the finalization of technical specifications within the contract.

This phase commences with a comprehensive review of the shipyard's proposal, focusing on identifying deviations from the original specifications. Selected shipyards receive feedback and have the opportunity to refine their proposals. Subsequent technical clarification meetings are held to resolve any discrepancies.

Once a preliminary selection of the shipyard is made, NORTES BLUE can assist with refining the proposal for the final contract documentation. After an agreement on the technical details is reached, the final contractual documentation is prepared and signed, serving as an annex to the shipbuilding contract.


The primary objective of the basic design phase is to obtain approvals from classification societies, national authorities, and relevant organizations, all while ensuring compliance with the owner's requirements. Simultaneously, to define the technical aspects of the project to facilitate the procurement of primary equipment, depending on the choice of the main systems' manufacturer.

NORTES BLUE also oversees technical procurement and hull form model testing, which occur in two distinct stages. The initial stage includes CFD and simulations for preliminary hull form optimization before proceeding to actual model testing. The second stage involves conducting model tests to finalize the hull form within model basins.


NORTES BLUE's engineering team collaborates directly with clients to transform the basic design phase into production-ready design packages for the entire vessel, including the detailed structure, machinery and outfitting modeling, and production drawings.

Our detail design solutions are custom-tailored for each project to meet the needs of our clients.


NORTES BLUE provides comprehensive support throughout shipbuilding process, which includes shipyard selection, bid review, contract negotiations, construction management, testing, trials, delivery, and warranty services. We act as owner's representatives to minimize project risks and assist in the construction or modification of vessels. Our services cover acquisition consulting, bid evaluation support, shipyard drawing review, construction management, on-site inspections, regulatory survey inspector liaison, and consulting on contract progress payments.


A list of services provided during a vessel's operational phase by NORTES BLUE includes comprehensive project design services for conversions, various technical documentation updates and environmental protection studies


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